Accountancy Age Debates

Accountancy Age Debates are an interactive forum where the audience can discuss important topical issues, using an Oxford-style debate.  This style of debate uses a proposer and an opposition to discuss differing views of a chosen topic. Readers are asked to take part in two ways:

  • Join the debate by making comments on what you have read or simply voice your own opinion.
  • Vote whether you agree with either the proposer or the opposition. You can change your vote at any time during the debate.

For more information on getting involved with an Accountancy Age Debate as a partner, contact us.


Recent debates


Mandatory targets are essential to place more women into senior roles

Is quota-setting the best way to jump-start a recruitment revolution?

16 September 2013 - 20 September 2013


Leaving the EU would damage the UK economy

With the UK's membership of the EU in the balance, what option is best for the economy?

25 March 2013 - 28 March 2013


Tax avoidance: fair or foul?

Is tax avoidance an unacceptable exploitation of the tax system?

14 January 2013 - 18 January 2013