ResourcesThe Accountant’s Guide to Artificial Intelligence

The Accountant's Guide to Artificial Intelligence

AI is no longer a futuristic concept – we are already beginning to see AI technology permeate its way into every aspect of human life, and Accountancy is no exception
The accumulation and saving of key business data is something that’s motivated the evolution of current cloud accounting platforms from some of the major providers within the industry. Although development is still in its infancy, the use of AI technology within accounting systems will eventually become an efficacious reality.

In this guide, we’ll introduce you to the concept of AI, from its inception to the rationale and motivation of key providers, through to the potential benefits and challenges this technology will bring to the accounting industry.


This guide will help you to consider where AI can fit within your current business model. Whether you choose to implement it as an efficient way to provide accountancy basics to a wider scope of business clients or enhance your advisory work, whatever your initiative, it’s important to start thinking about the impact the use of AI technology will have on your business.

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