ResourcesCould your tax season have run more efficiently?

Could your tax season have run more efficiently?

Since the end of January, have you been asking yourself whether tax season could have gone more smoothly? Are you satisfied that your practice is operating at maximum efficiency in a rapidly-changing industry?

Forward-thinking firms are abandoning old processes and switching to new cloud tools, as cloud technology is the key to a firm reaching their full potential.

According to a survey we conducted last year, many firms who have already switched to cloud solutions have reported growth of over 10% year-on-year, as adopting cloud-based solutions has allowed them to move into new service areas.

Our whitepaper, “Ripping up the rule book on personal tax”, will help you understand the changing landscape and provide you with a guide to ensure you’re well-equipped to thrive during your next tax season. In this whitepaper, Wolters Kluwer will:

  • help you come to terms with the landscape you will need to survive and thrive in for your next tax season
  • provide a step-by-step guide to setting your next tax season up for success
  • help you build a tax team for the future
  • give your practice the tools to future-proof your next tax season

This is a must-read whitepaper for any practice looking to drive greater efficiency and avoid the same cyclical mad rush to meet the tax compliance deadlines.