Interim jobs

Given the current fragile state of the economy, demand for interim managers is expected to increase significantly in 2009. Fast-growing companies will continue to adopt fixed-term senior staffing solutions while more established businesses will turn to temporary managers as a way of ensuring they don’t put their cost bases under avoidable strain.

That where interim managers come in. They can provide a short to medium-term solution to a company's senior needs. Hiring a permanent staff member may be unnecessary or impossible due to the nature of a project, the timescale or the budget. And in the current environment, while the need for an experienced financial manager may be clear, a full-time appointment may not be possible. In this situation, highly experienced accounting and finance professionals willing to take on a fixed-term contract have plenty to offer.

Successful interim managers will have a proven track record, with experienced gained across industry or often in their own area of expertise. They bring objectivity and are more likely to be willing to take tough decisions and ask difficult questions than established management. This need not dilute their accountability or commitment.

And best of all, they can often start immediately without the need for a drawn-out recruitment process.

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