Devon County Council

United Kingdom

About Devon County Council

Devon County Council is a large organisation with a huge range of roles and responsibilities.

Different teams may have different "personalities". It is easy to imagine that a team of road engineers will be very different from a team of social workers supporting vulnerable children. But there is also plenty of common ground.

For example, whatever the job, we have a strong culture of professionalism. Training and professional development is very important to all our roles and a culture of personal support and development is encouraged across the authority.

Equality is also a top priority. Everyone can expect to be treated with respect and should respect the diversity of others. Fairness is a key theme in everything we do. As an employer we make sure that there are no unnecessary barriers to our jobs or career development and will take all reasonable action to ensure equality of opportunity.

But most important of all is that we work for the public – whether providing a direct service or in support of those that do. This means we are often in the public eye as ambassadors of the council and are responsible for ensuring the best possible quality and value.

Caring about the people and communities we serve is the key to understanding our culture.

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