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AAT Level 4 Diploma

The AAT Level 4 Diploma is an advanced course and is suitable for students who already hold a qualification in accounting

Course overview

The AAT Level 4 Diploma is an advanced course and is suitable for students who already hold a qualification in accounting. In order to complete this course, you must be able to undertake financial and management accounting tasks with ease and competence which were tested in the AAT Level 3 course. It is strongly recommended that you possess excellent literacy and numeracy skills to succeed in this course.

At the end of this course you should be able to:

  • Seamlessly apply accounting concepts, principles and rules to generate financial statements in relation to a limited company
  • Deploy comprehensive management accounting strategies to facilitate decision making and to both prepare and maintain budgets
  • Accurately track performance while applying a number of performance indicators
  • Understand accounting systems and controls

The AAT Level 4 course is delivered entirely online so you can study from the comfort of your own home. Many students prefer to start their course at a time that suits them and that’s why Avado learning provide you with the ability to start your course whenever you wish. Study at a time and place that suits you, set your own pace for learning and assessment and work towards a completion date that you are happy with.


Your learning experience with AVADO will be unique and aims to deliver the highest quality tuition to students to help you develop and use valuable work-based accountancy skills while providing plenty of opportunity to develop professionally throughout your journey on the course. During the initial stages of the course you will be introduced to a dedicated tutor who will:
  • Work with you to identify your career goals, aspirations and important considerations from the outset so you can study the course with confidence
  • Develop a personal schedule and pace for studying the course that fits in with your requirements
  • Build rapport so you know that there is always a friendly and helpful tutor available to answer queries or address concerns no matter how trivial they may seem
Courses are accessed through the Virtual Learning Campus, an online platform containing all the required learning materials to see you through the course. The VCL can be accessed on all internet-enabled devices, including tablet and mobile. The course will provide bite-size learning content, frequent live classes, regular learning checks and practice tests, and tutor support to monitor your progress. Courses includes 24-hour access the online campus, which is accessible on mobile and tablet; a course textbook; the online units outlined below; a tutor and community team; regular online live classes; revision classes; access to AVADO’s premium Career Development Hub; and a free NUS card offering a wide range of discounts to students.
As this is a Level 4 course the theories, concepts and topics that you cover will be more complex. The AAT Professional Diploma in Accounting at Level 4 is the final course in your accountancy training and as a result you will explore advanced skills which will position you to apply for managerial roles in the industry. There are also two optional units which allow you to specialise in a particular area. The two topics include drafting financial statements and evaluating financial performance. There are six units in total for the Level 4 qualification, four compulsory units and then a further two optional units from a set of five that you can choose from. Compulsory units
  • Financial Statements of Limited Companies – within this unit you will explore reporting frameworks, rules and regulations, preparing accounts, consolidating and interpreting financial statements.
  • Management Accounting: Budgeting – this unit will teach you about the preparation of financial forecasts relating to income and expenditure, preparing and overseeing budgets and management reporting.
  • Management Accounting: Decision and Control – the third compulsory unit of the course will cover the analysis and evaluation of costing techniques, how to use costing for performance improvement, the use of statistical techniques to undertake analysis of business information and performance techniques (both financial and non-financial) to facilitate decision making processes
  • Accounting Systems and Controls – the final unit will teach you how to conduct evaluations of internal control and accounting systems and when it is suitable to make recommendations for improvement.
Optional units The final two units required to complete the course will be selected from a set of five options including:
  • Option 1 Business Tax – This unit will focus on sole traders, limited companies and partnerships and you will learn the relevant rules, principles and regulations, how to complete tax returns and how to provide tax advice
  • Option 2 Personal Tax – If you elect to study this unit you will learn the principles, regulations and rules that relate to tax systems as well as being able to calculate taxable income, work out income tax and national insurance contributions and account for capital gains tax. The unit will also cover inheritance tax fundamentals.
  • Option 3 External Auditing – Students who study this option will learn the key principles involved in the audit process and will be able to evaluate the processes and procedures that are relevant to accounting systems while being able to gather evidence for audit
  • Option 4 Cash and Treasury Management – The application of statistical techniques to prepare forecasts, tax receipts and payments, monitoring cash flows and preparing cash budgets, understanding regulation and monitoring policies as well as raising finance and investing surplus funds
  • Option 5 Credit Management – A grounding in contract law and legislation, undertaking credit risk assessments and awarding credit, techniques to collect debt and evaluating credit control procedures
During the Level 4 qualification you will be required to take six examinations. Five of these will be computer-based assessments and there will be a final synoptic examination which will be held at an examination centre. Synoptic examinations have been introduced recently as part of the new accounting syllabus and it is used as a method of testing your knowledge across all units in the course. Our programme has been developed around these synoptic assessments so you will be fully prepared before you are expected to sit the examination. Students will work with their tutor to decide when you are ready to sit your exam. There is no pressure to complete your examinations, students are encouraged to only sit them when they feel ready.
AVADO believe in creating an engaging and inspiring environment in which students can learn and achieve. Courses are developed to help you succeed. With 26 years’ experience in delivering training, AVADO have excellent AAT pass rates. Proficient tutors and inspirational content When you join a course, you will be assigned a dedicated course tutor who has been hand picked for their knowledge and expertise. As well as your tutor who is a valuable resource throughout the course, you will also have access to a range of engaging learning materials directly through your VLC. Ongoing support from start to finish Your tutor will work with you every step of the way and will always be there when you need them. AVADO believe in building an active online community, so you can build connections and make friends with fellow students. Learning is a collaborative process and AVADO help you connect and communicate at any time. Dedicated online platform The VLC environment has been designed with students in mind. It works well on any device whether you are studying from your mobile while on the train or your laptop at home. Learn at your own pace in an environment that is suited to your study requirements. Affordable pricing Education should be accessible for all and that’s why AVADO offer a range of payment options, whether you prefer to pay in full or spread the cost, there are many options available. Award winning training provider AVADO Learning is the winner of two AAT Awards including the Best use of E-Learning and the PQ Magazine Editor’s Choice Award in 2017. AVADO have 6,000 students studying (and qualifying) every year.
As this course is a Level 4 qualification, students should have completed the AAT Advanced Diploma in Accounting at Level 3 or possess a UK degree in Finance or Accounting. Exceptions can only be made if you have equivalent level 3 qualifications and it is currently employed in an accounting role. To study this course you must also:
  • Be over the age of 18 years
  • Have a solid understanding of the English language
  • Be able to access a computer and the internet at regular intervals for the duration of your course
  • Be able to attend all examinations at an approved AAT examination centre in the UK
If you are paying for your studies, you can either pay in full immediately or split your course fees over two or three instalments at no additional charge. Flexible payment plans are also available and these can be taken out over 12, 18, 24, 36, 48 or 60 months. For this option you will need to be eligible to apply through Omni Capital. Courses taken over a payment plan will incur interest at 16.9% APR. In addition to our finance options AVADO can also work with you to develop a business case to make an application for employer funding. Course advisors can also speak with your company directly if you wish.
With a Level 4 AAT diploma qualification you have a number of career options available. As well as giving you the opportunity to differentiate yourself by acquiring specialist areas of knowledge, you will be able to demonstrate on your CV that you have an advanced understanding of accounting and finance. Once you have completed the Level 4 qualification you may be eligible to apply for full AAT membership status. Although there aren’t any additional accounting courses once you reach Level 4, you are well on the way to progressing towards Chartered Accountant Status. Once you have qualified at Level 4 typical starting salaries vary. Here are a couple of roles that you will be eligible for once you have gained this qualification: Accounts Manager: £32,500 Commercial Analyst: £37,500
The AAT or Association of Accounting Technicians is a leading professional body in the UK for accounting staff and there are more than 150,000 members across 90 countries. Within the UK, the AAT are sponsored by several chartered accounting bodies including the ICAEW, CIMA, CIPFA and ICAS. Qualifications from the AAT will provide you with the practical skills in finance and accounting that you can apply to many industries and occupations. AAT is available for anyone; you don’t need any prior knowledge of accounting or experience in the industry and with many of the online AAT courses you can study at your own pace around your personal and work commitments. Whether you are hoping to start your career in accounting or you want to develop your skills, AAT will provide you with the in-depth training that you need. AAT also offers students several benefits if you join as a member. With an AAT membership you can enjoy ongoing study support, careers advice and exclusive discounts. The AAT will also offer advice and guidance if you wish to pursue a career in Chartered Accountancy.