Hacker Young

Founded by Johnny Rubens and Mark Hacker on Chancery Lane in 1925, Hacker
Young has a long history. It merged with Stuart Young & co in 1961, and in
the 1970s took on its current title.

The firm is much better-known than many of its peers, with a strong brand
presence related to its history and also frequent media appearances on
accounting issues.

18th in the Accountancy Age top 50 table, it turned over £39.7m in 2006-7. It
has 84 partners and just over 400 staff in 19 offices across the UK.

Its international network, UHY (standing for Urbach Hacker Young,
representing the UK firm and partner New York firm Urbach Kahn & Werlin)
also has several UK associates.

UHY George Hay, UHY Torgersens and UHY Calvert Smith all cover parts of the
country Hacker Young itself does not reach.

Campbell Dallas is part of the group, focussing specifically on the Scottish
market, and HY also added Wingfield Slater, a Sheffield firm, to the group in

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