Demonstrating company worth in an age where financial reports are no longer trusted

The state of play with regards to business partner relationships has
fundamentally changed. Trading partners are demanding more transparency to
satisfy this increasingly risk conscious approach to trading. A simple glance
over financial reports and company accounts is no longer adequate.

The financial strength of your business is not always projected to the
outside business world in the most effective way. Therefore, it is crucial that
you re-evaluate the way that you reflect your business value. This interactive
webinar will explore the key factors you need to be aware of to make up-to-date
financial reporting clear, accurate and meaningful. From traditional management
theory to horizon based thinking this is a must attend event for Chief Financial
Officers and Financial Directors.

Just a few of the questions that will be covered:

– How do our customer and or suppliers see us?

– How does the bank see us?

– How does the insurer see us?

– How should we be demonstrating our ‘stability’ to others?

– How do we emphasise our core competencies?


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