Insider Business Club: 2008 Outlook

Insider Business Club

As the credit crunch bites and the threat of recession looms, how should
finance directors respond to what the Bank of England describes as the most
challenging economic environment they have seen for a decade? How can FDs manage
investment with less funds available, cope with shocks when there is less room
to be flexible and still meet market and stakeholder expectations? And how can
finance teams deal with the challenges that the current tough economic
environment is sure to trigger, not least:

• Increased liquidity risk – of greater concern than ever when you cannot
rely on your usual sources of funding.

• Increased operational risk – the pressure on businesses and individuals to
perform increases significantly the risk of policies not being applied

• Lower investment budgets – yet business units are demanding better
management information to apply resources most effectively when under pressure.

• The need for cost reduction – finance operations are under pressure to
reduce costs. When were costs last benchmarked?

to listen to our experts discuss these issues (broadcast on 30/1/07 and
available in our archive).

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