Financial Director Web Seminar – Future shock: Creating the ‘no surprises’ enterprise

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Nobody likes unpleasant surprises, least of all in business. Good
communication between the business and the shareholder is exemplified by a full
and frank discussion of the organisation’s prospects and expectations.

That’s why the board not only needs excellent systems, it also needs rapid,
truthful lines of communication throughout the organisation so that line
managers understand not only what is expected of them but also their role in
ensuring that events are foreseen and anticipated.

Learn more about how to become a ‘no surprises’ enterprise at our web seminar
which will discuss issues such as:

* Forecast accuracy as far into the future as possible in these volatile
* More sophisticated approaches that build an understanding of risk into
* Provision of the right data to the right people
* The balance between financial and non-financial KPIs
* How managers and employees are remunerated – for top performance or for
beating the budget?
* Top management understanding of the cost and revenue drivers

Speakers include:

Mark Berrisford Smith, Senior Economist – HSBC

Tony Grace, Finance Director – Virgin Media

Andreea Vasiliu, Director, Product Strategy, EMEA – Oracle

now for this Free Web Seminar

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