The recession, the upturn and leading professional service firms

A panel of experts will explore the blend of skills required to lead
partnerships through a period of crisis, and then on into the expected upturn.
Looking back over the past 12 months, the panel will reflect on the lessons they
have learned steering their firms through the most turbulent trading conditions
for a generation. The panel will reflect on how they kept their management teams
focused and how they adapted to survive and prosper. The panellists will discuss
how well-equipped their teams were to cope with crisis; what took them by
surprise; and what would they do differently with the benefit of hindsight.
Looking ahead, they will debate the challenges associated with gearing their
firms up so they can exploit the inevitable opportunities that will emerge as
the market improves.


Jane Galvin, head of professional services, Barclays Commercial Bank;

Simon Michaels, managing partner, BDO;

Peter Martyr, chief executive, Norton Rose.

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