Financial Director Web Seminar: The Concept of Corporate Risk

‘Risk’ is now one of the most important words in the business lexicon, but it
has a wide range of different meanings to different stakeholders.

For those who take ethical shortcuts, it can mean the risk of getting caught:
for the board it can mean the internal and external factors that might impede
success, while for others it can mean downside events that can be insured or
hedged against.

For the entrepreneur, risk is not only the thrill on the way to success, but
also relates to the failure of not taking a risk. Risk and probability underpin
all our thinking about the future and yet we are consistently bad at making

This exclusive, live and interactive debate looks at the concept, perception
and evaluation of risk as it affects a wide range of corporate issues, from
economic to cultural.

to watch the web broadcast from 26th November 2007.

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