Too many spreadsheets, too many systems

Andrew Sawers, editor of Financial Director

Many organisations, even stretching up into the higher reaches of the FTSE
index, have too many spreadsheets flying around the business, often rendered
increasingly incompatible with each other and containing significant errors.
Trying to keep control of the business in this sort of environment is a triumph
of hope over experience.

Many businesses are also contending with the problem of too many disparate
systems that can’t quite talk to each other without either a risk of data errors
or a lot of manual intervention.

This discussion looks at whether it is feasible to strip out incompatible
systems, replacing them with more all-encompassing applications that can marry
up the front office to the back office. The goal may be to get an easy-to-access
‘single version of the truth’ – but not if the cost is prohibitive or if it
results in system inflexibility.

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