Who is the world’s worst accountant? – PART II

world's worst accountant

Part II of our series

In six months since our last ‘world’s worst accountant’ special there have
been a surprising number of fakes, frauds, scammers and rogues in the headlines.

From ill-advised celebrities to corporate high-fliers to humble bookkeepers;
too many have been tempted by the dark side of the numbers game.

Obviously, not all of these individuals are accountants, but whoever they
are, they must have had some of the worst financial advice in the business.

Read the stories below to see who was caught in the act. But a little
parental advisory: don’t try this at home, kids!

Wesley Snipes faces court over unpaid tax

Snipes will raise the defence that he didn’t pay six years in tax on the advice
of tax accountants

Austrian accountant jailed for embezzling
human rights funds

Stolen money paid for breast augmentation and a nose job of accountant’s
31-year-old mistress

Daewoo founder pardoned for accounting

Kim Woo-choong pardoned by president for corporate failure of motor manufacturer

Ex-Morgan Stanley analyst jailed for tax fraud
A former investment banking analyst working for Morgan Stanley in the UK faces
up to 4½ years’ jail for grand larceny

Crooked accountant admits to 53 fraud charges
A corrupt accountant has admitted to 53 charges of fraud, funnelling ?700,000
into his own account for a luxury lifestyle

Former PwC tax consultant jailed for stealing from firm

Theft-accused stole more then £34,000 to pay off credit card debts racked up by
her boyfriend

Court confiscates £41m from Izodia director
The court has ordered Gerald Smith, convicted of misappropriating funds from
dot-com company Izodia, to pay back almost £41m

Midlands duo accused of using celebrity names to dupe

No investments were made but the ‘returns’ came from new investors in the
scheme, the Serious Fraud Office is alleging

Accountant jailed after blowing £340,000 on

Dunscar accountant jailed for two years

Carousel fraudsters sent down for 34

Example made of four-man gang as authorities seek to clampdown on billion-pound
scam industry

Hollywood star accused of dodging

Wesley Snipes facing multiple tax fraud indictments

Ebbers begins marathon jail term
Former WorldCom chief locked up for 25 years

Six years for ex-Enron CFO
Four years knocked off plea deal

Devon accountants jailed
Length jail terms for role in builders’ tax scam

Former HealthSouth CFO to get jail time

New sentence for disgraced executive

Izodia director jailed for eight years over false

Gerald Smith heads for the slammer after misappropriating £34m

Investors to sue jailed fraudster

As many as 100 people allegedly victims

Isley Brothers singer jailed for tax

Ronald Isley given three-year term for ‘pathological tax evasion’ despite ill

Accountant jailed for tax fraud
He helped clients defraud tax authorities

Ex-PwC Japan accountants guilty of

Suspended jail terms handed down

Jailed tax adviser claimed he was an accountant
Bankrupt bookkeeper conned clients

Bookkeeper jailed for million-pound theft
Bookkeeper admits theft from food supply company over seven-year period

Berlusconi charged with false

Former Italian prime minister charged over television deal

Accountant at centre of laundering

CA accused of laundering £5.6m

Bookkeeper and soldier jailed over VAT

Total of 12 years jail time for pair

Carousel fraudster gets six years

Telecoms specialist sent down in scam that cost the UK £60m

Legal exec jailed over VAT fraud
Convicted for role in ?200m laundering scam

Daewoo founder jailed for ten years

Kim Woo-choong found guilty of accounting fraud

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