Budget 2008 special report

This may be the first full Budget statement that Alistair Darling has made to
the House of Commons, but with pressure mounting on him over the Northern Rock
fiasco and widespread criticism of some of the measures introduced in last
year’s pre-Budget report, he could struggle to make it to his second.

The chancellor attempted to appease non-doms, postponed changes for family
and raised £1.7bn from closing down tax loopholes.

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Budget review

Guy Hands threatens offshore

Small firms face £10m double
tax slug

Troup dismisses income
shifting fears

Finance Bill out 27 March

Age TV: Watch experts discussing the Budget’s implications

Darling’s Budget leaves only
£2.8bn leeway

Tax returns face penalty

Tax gap data forced out of

SME employees face tax relief

Shipping bitterly opposed to
non-dom change

Deloitte finds positives for
entrepreneurs in Budget

Avoidance swoop to plug
economic gap

Fair family business tax is
‘mission impossible’

Treasury moves to appease

Government backs down on VAT

Road tax heads environment

Government backs down on VAT

Budget reaction

Budget reaction: Non dom
policy ‘grave disappointment’

Budget reaction:
Environmental measures

Budget reaction: Income
shifting warning despite delay

Budget reaction: Small

Budget reaction: Charity tax

Budget Statement

Budget 08: The highlights

Budget 08: Darling’s speech
in full

Budget 08: Cameron says
business has ‘lost faith’ in government

Budget 08: Tax concessions
for national disasters

Budget 08: Northern Rock will
not affect fiscal policy

Budget 08: Tax income to rise
by £22bn

Budget 08: Government targets
umbrella companies

Budget 08: Anti avoidance to
net £1.7bn

Budget 08: Government IFRS
switch delayed a year

Budget preview

Predictions for Darling’s
first Budget

Darling shies away from 2p
fuel duty

Economists warn of £6bn budg
et shortfall

Union attacks tax cut

Darling in ‘desperate’
11th-hour deal with US

Budget targets energy firms’
profit from the poor

Chancellor to incentivise
green behaviour

Hedge fund managers slate
non-dom policy

Darling in hot water over
Rock treatment

How will it be for us,

Here’s hoping for a
stunt-free budget

Business tax: keep it in the

Darling to swoop on Sharia

TUC urges Chancellor to close
non-dom tax loopholes

Off balance sheet Rock would
be ‘outrageous’

Taxman still wrangling over
non-dom charge

CBI calls for end to Budget

Philanthropy on Darling
Budget agenda

Hundred Group warns Darling
against tax increases

Foreign profits plan in

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