Fleet Decisions: a special report

Fleet Decisions: a special report

A fleet management special report from Accountancy Age and Financial Director magazines

fleet special report

The impact of increased regulation and the ongoing volatility of energy
prices must be among the top five banes of a senior finance professional’s life.

For those companies running large fleets, energy price volatility and the
swathes of regulation coming from bureaucrats continue to make grim reading.

So, should we be concerned with fleets at all? John Maslen takes a look at
the fleet outsourcing industry in this special report and offers tips for those
looking to wash their hands of a distracting and time-consuming part of their

Managing a fleet economically and ecologically has never been more important.
Catherine Chetwynd talks to the Energy Saving Trust’s head of transport advice
about how businesses can save money and energy.

Technology has matured over the past couple of years, offering a great ally
in the battle to keep costs down. Find out what’s available below.

Also, with tolls, speeding fines and parking tickets all having an impact on
a company’s bottom line, we look at some of the worst offenders.


Car ownership schemes: fit for purpose?

Employee car ownership schemes bring structure and control to offering cash car
allowances and ensure they buy something suitable

Motoring penalties: crunch time
Company Directors need to wise up to the new laws aimed at improving road safety
and reducing the number of crashes involving drivers at work, or they could find
themselves in grave danger

Vehicle tracking: watch and learn
If you think vehicle tracking technology is about spying on staff you’d be
mistaken. Its main focus is boosting field staff productivity, encouraging safer
driving and increasing business profitability

Private car use: miles better?
A revamp of the rules concerning the use of private cars for company business
could have far-reaching effects

Going green: green credit
Saving the planet doesn’t have to cost you money ­- our reporter looks at how
you can make green fleet pay

Road pricing: route one
Is road pricing really the answer to the road congestion crisis?

Carbon emissions in the frontline
Tread carefully and reducing your fleet’s carbon footprint can be a
profitable business

Staff problems with congestion charging

‘Forgetful’ drivers put firms on the congestion charge penalty spot

Putting safety first
Fleet managers have a responsability to encourage their employees to drive more


How to maximise returns when a vehicle is
Fleet operations must choose carefully and invest wisely to maximise their
return when their vehicles are defleeted

How alternative fuels are being used in today’s fleet

Drivers want environmentally friendly cars but not the hassle of new technology.
Time for the car fuelled by potato crisp oil

Corporate profile: the Toyota Production

Toyota’s production ethos has helped steer it to the top. But can these
principles be implemeted throughout the business?

Choosing the right direction: satellite
navigation reviews
Our guide to sat navs helps you choose the best system and offers safety
tips so you won’t be driven to distraction

Fleet: passenger allowance
Are the tax breaks for car sharing worth bothering about? Our reporter steers
through the issues of passenger allowance

Fleet: environment – costing the Earth?
Our reporter looks at trends that could see companies doing their bit for the
planet and saving money

Fleet: tax benefits
Treasury action over the tax benefits of employee car ownership could see
company cars make a comeback

Fleet special: fill bill

Government flexibility over EU Sixth Directive on reclaiming VAT on
fuel purchased by employees could save business billions

Fleet special: key functions

Outsourcing company fleet functions is becoming increasingly popular. It can
provide huge cost savings

Fleet special: drive for cleaner cars

More efficient fleet cars and responsible driving can help preserve the
environment and reduce business costs

Fleet special: external drive

Thinking of handing over your fleet to non-specialists? It’s important
to consider all aspects before such a move

Fleet special: emission

Can fleets marry desired performance and glamour with clean fuel

Fleet special: blazing a trail

Will tax policy changes help speed up the development of greener

Fleet special: remote control

There are a range of software options to ease the burden of fleet management

Fleet special: driven up the

Finance departments are fed up with employees who neglect to pay the
congestion charge

Fleet special: car trouble

For most businesses, company cars are a pleasure and a pain in equal measure

Fleet special: the engine room

Our panel of Insider Business Club experts examine the issues that are
fuelling the fleet debate


Car tax calculators

This Tax
can be used to determine the taxable benefit on you current or
proposed new company car.

This HMRC link can
help you calculate your company car benefit and (if appropriate) your fuel

Deloitte’s site contains
, too

Free car tax guide

Access a
free 2006
Tax Guide

Fleet savings calculator

By adding the information specific to your organisation, you can see how much
money you can save on your
management costs
per week/month

Return on investment calculator

The return on investment
will give you some idea of the impact of a fleet’s accident
repair costs

Cash or car calculator for employees

This will help you decide if a
is really worthwhile

Fuel calculators

A useful free

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