Special report: the NatWest Three

Old Bailey

– innocent victims caught up in an Enron witch hunt? Guilty parties
rightly banged up by a righteous US court? Martyrs for a much bigger
conspiracy? Or the human face of corporate responsibility?

Read our special report on how the drama unfolded, and decide for yourself.


NatWest three agree to 37 months’ jail

Three former NatWest bankers agree to serve 37 months in jail after pleading
guilty to a wire fraud charge relating the Enron collapse

Natwest Three close to plea bargain

Bankers allegedly involved in Enron fraud two weeks away from plea bargain

Natwest Three in plea bargain talks

UK bankers accused of Enron-linked fraud in the US start plea bargain talks

Natwest Three in witness outcry
NatWest Three lawyers attack the London solicitors representing NatWest parent
company RBS for involvement with witnesses

NatWest Three hit back at US

British trio up on Enron charges accuse Stateside prosecutors of witholding
evidence that could potentially clear their names


Threat of US litigation: time to wake

The extradition and arrest of UK executives by US authorities has raised the
stakes for doing transatlantic business. Jeremy Cole sounds the alarm about US

FDs face exposure check
The NatWest three affair is just one of around 20 extradition cases involving UK
bosses. As America extends its reach, ,FDs must assess their exposure

NatWest three: tip of the iceberg?

The case of the NatWest three is not the only extradition case involving UK
executives – around 20 others are in the pipeline. Finance directors must assess
their exposure to the long arm of America

Former Enron CFO to turn on NatWest

Fastow will give evidence at NatWest bankers’ US trial, it emerges

NatWest bankers arrive in US to face Enron

Case dates back to off-balance vehicle

UK ‘Enron’ bankers lose extradition

Battle lost against fast track extradition

Fraud knows no boundaries
UK firms are failing to face up to growing global fraud risks

NatWest trio lose Enron extradition

Bankers will face US trial over their part in corporate collapse

Precedent may be set in Enron extradition

Natwest bankers to hear ruling in battle to avoid extradition


Liberty to take part in NatWest Enron

Human Rights group Liberty to argue that NatWest Enron suspects should be
prosecuted in the UK


UK accountants escape Enron extradition

No UK accountants will be targeted for extradition proceedings over the Enron
scandal, US Department of Justice officials have confirmed.

UK bankers face extradition over Enron

A judge has ruled that three UK bankers can be extradited to the US over fraud
charges relating to the collapsed energy giant, Enron.

Enron extradition request slammed

Counsel for three former NatWest bankers fighting extradition to America by the
Enron Task Force has derided the US request as a ‘British means to an American

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