Regional special – has London had its day?

London Gherkin Swiss Re Tower

London: towering costs

Hosting the 2012 Olympics may give the capital a boost. But it’s bound to add
to the costs of doing business in an already expensive city. It may well be time
to consider alternative locations.

From Birmingham to Manchester, the regeneration of many UK cities means that
there are plenty of locations nationwide that can give the capital a run for its
money in offering a business a cost-effective and competitive place from which
to operate.

Regional Development Agencies are working to make that a reality while
regional economic development plans are providing the framework.

In this regional development special report we look at how some areas are
tempting business their way. We also provide tips on managing a move – whether
its away from London or between other areas. And for those of you looking for
more we offer links to numerous other websites providing information, evaluation
and advice.

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