Gordon Brown’s 2005 pre-election Budget

The ‘vote now, pay later Budget’ was Michael Howard’s dismissal of Gordon Brown’s speech. But the baying from the government backbenches certainly suggested that many Labour MPs in marginal constituencies believe they have become a lot more electable as a result of the measures announced this afternoon.

In this special report we bring you comprehensive coverage of the Budget – including details of how Gordon Brown finally relented on inheritance tax and stamp duty, made his boldest step yet on cutting red tape, and how he might just have made Britain a whole lot less attractive to multinationals.

Latest news: Accountancy Age’s team of specialist writers has produced a free Budget 2005 briefing ebook featuring reaction to, and analysis of, all the main measures announced by Gordon Brown.

The briefing covers everything from stamp duty to inheritance tax, changes to family taxation and childcare and concessions for pensioners.

Click here to download this essential five-page document:

Link: Budget Special: 2005 briefing

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