Special report: the new age discrimination rules

The new
Equality (Age) Regulations
make it illegal for firms to discriminate against
employees or job applicants under the age of 65 on the grounds of age and they
can no longer specify an ideal applicant’s age, and even the use of words such
as ‘energetic’ may potentially be discriminatory.

Here are some of the Accountancy Age stories covering the issue:

The ageing process
New age regulation could expose practices to litigation, especially if they
specify a minimum age or length of service for partnership admission

Age discrimination: a youthful leap into
the future
Could younger partners use new legislation to demand a larger share of the

View from the board: age discrimination

Employers and employees are going to be affected by these changes in so many
ways that finance departments won’t be able to avoid becoming more involved in
thornier employment issues

Pension schemes: clear as mud
Age discrimination law will do nothing to simplify pension schemes

No retirement age for partners
Carry on until you drop, says government after ignoring pleas from

Older workers sought by employers
Survey finds older workers are finally being welcomed by employers, as age
discrimination laws loom in October

Questions and answers
Your business questions answered by our experts – this month, age discrimination

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