Health and safety – a management briefing

In association with HSE

The health and safety issue is here to stay. Here, Accountancy Age in
association with HSE, helps you avoid the banana skins.

We give you the key statistics, report how the auditors can help, and advise
on how to cover yourself with insurance.

Elsewhere we look at how to choose the right consultants, the dangers of
fleet management and the virtues of business continuity.

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Introduction: a top

It is PricewaterhouseCoopers partner Geoff Lane who makes the crucial
observation for this publication. ‘Health and safety is going back up the
agenda, and is becoming a big issue for boards.’

Insurance: protect and

When it comes to liability insurance, taking a tough approach to health and
safety issues can have a significant effect on premiums

Risk assesment: life, limb
and liability

As health and safety rises up the corporate agenda , auditors find themselves
playing a vital role in ensuring companies are meeting their obligations to
their staff 

The price of health and safety

Costs to Britain of workplace accidents and work-related ill health

Fleet: car trouble

Employers ignore the dangers on Britain’s roads at their peril

SMEs: off the radar

As far as smaller businesses are concerned, risk assessment is for wimps

Consultancy: in safe ha

We investigate how to choose the right consultant for overhauling your company’s
health and safety regime and one company’s experience of a health and safety

10 tips: keep a lid on it 
It’s all very well understanding the theory of good health and safety but to
realise the benefit you need to keep your eye on the ball, so here are 10 tips
to ensure you stay focussed

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