Michael Izza: the task ahead

Does Michael Izza have the charisma and ability to succeed as the new chief
executive of the ICAEW?

The current and former Accountancy Age editors examine the task
ahead and the mistakes of the past.

Click on the headlines below to read the editors’ analysis:

Rise to challenge
As Eric Anstee’s successor, Michael Izza’s tenure begins with a list of
difficulties, challenges and hoary old problems to overcome

Battling history
Talking last week to Michael Izza, the new CEO of the ICAEW about the challenges
he faces and the agenda going forward, one could not help the feeling of having
been here before

Towards a radical agenda
At 45, Izza represents a younger generation of chartered accountants and a
high point for the Institute

Safe hands or missed opportunity?

The arguments over whether the internal candidate should get the top job in any
organisation can be lengthy. The insider will have the local knowledge and
network. But will they have the ability of an outsider to get their own way?

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