Who’s the UK’s most stressed-out accountant?

You’re probably thinking it’s you! But compare yourself with these troubled
souls and you may well feel much, much better.

Accountant jailed for tax fraud
He helped clients defraud tax authorities

Fewer workplace deaths in last 12

Death toll at record low

Ex-PwC Japan accountants guilty of lying
Suspended jail terms handed down

Jailed tax adviser claimed he was an accountant
Bankrupt bookkeeper conned clients

Turning to drink: booze control
Alcohol abuse is a growing problem for accountants. Dr Mike McPhillips explains
why it’s one that can’t be ignored

Price of a round
Drinking problems are costings billions in lost hours and wrecking careers

Employee management: red card
As the world cup finals approach the excitement is palpable, but the
festivities will cause a different set of headaches for business leaders

Trade union gives advice on ‘taking sickies’
Uproar as Amicus offers World Cup tips

Would you crumble in a crisis?
You can forget the idea that business continuity planning is for wimps

Throwing a sickie
Workplace sickies are costing the UK nearly £12bn a year, according to the
Health and Safety Executive, so what can business do to cure the disease?

Daewoo founder jailed for ten years
Kim Woo-choong found guilty of accounting fraud

Alcohol abuse hits financial services sector
Financial services professionals are the target of an advertising campaign that
aims to clamp down on alcohol abuse

Booze and drug helpline needed
The accountancy profession has failed to provide health support services to its
members despite ‘alarming’ evidence of stress, alcohol, suicide and drug-related
problems, the ICAEW council heard today

Parmalat accountant commits suicide
An accountant questioned over his involvement in the Parmalat affair has been
found dead in Italy

Enron vice chairman found dead
A former vice chairman of Enron, the collapsed US energy giant, has been found

Suicide verdict
CIPFA’s deputy director Richard Morris, who died in May, suffocated himself with
a plastic bag

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