Audit choice and the Oxera report

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The mid-tier are up for it, the US is looking into it, and Oxera has a report
on it. What is going on with audit choice?

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Audit choice dilemma may not be resolved for ’10 to 15

Boldness a dirty word in audit choice reform

Fears of US intervention over audit choice

FRC report unlikely to affect audit choice

US committee will examine choice in audit market

Hundred Group against audit competition

Mazars calls for improved audit choice proposals

US Treasury to investigate audit market

Boyle vows to act on audit choice

Profits to be exposed in audit choice move

BDO boss bemoans audit committee bias

Management briefing: Audit choice

Insider Business Club: audit

Apathy rules: competition in the audit industry

FRC group to advise on ‘audit choice’

Time to pipe up on audit choice

Audit choice lurches closer to reform

FRC publishes responses to ‘audit choice’ paper

ICAS tells FRC to leave audit to ‘market

How will greater choice affect the audit market?

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Oxera: ‘outside funding will not harm independence’

Oxera backs reform of audit ownership rules

Audit competition and choice: all talk and no action

Grant Thornton and BDO welcome audit market report

Oxera returns in ownership probe

National Grid FD says Big Four will do

Making the most of Audit: True and Through

Competition and Choice: Limited options

Overview: audit competition debate

‘Market forces will break Big Four audit monopoly’

Oxera challenges dealmaker status quo

Audit choice lurches closer to reform

Shed a tier: Competition in the Big Four

Tackling the audit market

ICAS tells FRC to leave audit to ‘market forces’

Labour MP demands end to Big Four dominance

Mid-tier charge as FRC transparency looms

Breaking the status quo

FRC edges slowly toward improved audit market

Big Four ‘arrogance’ cannot paper over the
cracks exposed by Oxera

FRC lays down Big Four challenge

Four’s company, five’s even better

Audit: an appetite for change?

PwC on the attack over Competition Report

Restricted entry to the audit club

Investors fire warning shot on competition

Competition report: shake-up to follow DTI
audit probe

Competition report: audit costs on the

Competition report: welcomed by mid-tier

DTI awaits scrutiny of Big Four audit

Big Four’s dominance under threat

DTI investigates Big Four dominance

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