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Travel used to be something you would get out of your system before you started
getting serious about your work life. After all, that’s what gap years were
invented for. But nowadays, it is fairly commonplace – especially in accountancy
– to take in a spot of globetrotting in the name of work.

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This practice doesn’t just satisfy the wanderlust of young professionals
looking to broaden their horizons, it also dramatically improves their worth as
an asset to whichever business they are working for, or plan to move to in the

No longer is it a question of if you should go abroad to gain some
experience, but of where you should buy your plane ticket to. Different
destinations will provide you with diverse life experiences and could well
determine your future career path.

If you’re looking to specialise and work with some major international
companies, then you probably won’t want to stray too far from the big
international financial centres. How does New York sound? If you’re looking to
pick up a more rounded experience, working in smaller teams but with a lot more
responsibility in areas, then try somewhere a little smaller.

There are good jobs out there in Australia that may fit the bill. Looking for
superfast advancement? A fast growing economy could be the place to go – there
are a wealth of opportunities out in Russia for instance.

All this has to be balanced against your choice of lifestyle. Do you take
quick promotion while enduring long and very cold winters, or take another route
that finds you on a tropical beach come half past five every evening?

Finding your path is a crucial step in your development, this career guide
will help you figure out just what that is and give you examples of people
already our there.

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