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This latest software special examines the issues surrounding compliance, outsourcing, XBRL, digital marketing, online filing, and more. It also provides an overview of accounting software products, access to the latest white papers and a round-up of the latest news, comment and analysis.

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Editor’s note
Business technology exists to make our working lives easier, with software supporting the day-to-day demands that our industry, organisation or department creates.

But with every passing minute delivering another – often pointless – email, it can sometimes feel that technology is there to hinder not help.

It’s the same with regulation. Businesses should be seeking competitive advantage not spending their time ensuring compliance with rules and regulation.

Technology – and financial software in particular – can help bridge that gap, shouldering the compliance burden and enabling companies to focus on growth.

So when you hear vendors talking about XBRL or the importance of software selection, resist turning a deaf ear. And try, if you can, to turn compliance to competitive advantage.

In this software special report, guides you through the technology maze.

Featuring details of the forthcoming Softworld show at London’s Olympia and offering access to an invaluable database of software vendors – as well as our normal diet of technology-related news and analysis – we hope it helps.

Damian Wild
Accountancy Age

Softworld Interactive
If you’re looking to buy or looking to learn more about financial software, check out the Softworld Interactive online show.

Within this virtual exhibition you will find information from all the major players in the world of accounting and finance.

Softworld Interactive includes a full, searchable listing of all exhibitor stands, independent masterclass white papers, regular articles from BASDA, a ‘Tender to Process’ feature created in co-operation with BASDA, post-show presentations from the previous Softworld event, access through the exhibitor stands to their latest products and news, tailored information based upon your FREE Registration Profile and more.

There is also a new product comparison tool, which allows you to ask what functionality you need and let the system show you which of the exhibitors are the best suited for your company’s requirements.

For more information visit:

Link: List of software products

Link: Softworld product comparison tool

Link: Softwor ld IT white papers

Link: More Softworld white papers

Link: Softwor ld case studies

The use of XBRL (eXtensible Business Reporting Language) has been controversial to say the least. Touted as the holy grail of languages – easy to use and with universally understood taxonomies – it’s takeup has been sporadic, with both the Inland Revenue and FSA looking further into its usefulness.

Link: Revenue merger may delay XBRL

Link: XBRL Debate

Link: PwC predicts real-time information boom

Link: Microsoft set for XBRL boost

The onerous compliance issues facing businesses, whether it be IFRS or Sarbanes Oxley, has seen software companies touting technology to cure these ills. But can IT enable a business to be more ‘compliant’?

Link: IT strategy – I, as in, I will survive

Link: The Financial Director interview – Mission: control

Link: Profile: Tony Oliver, on receiving a ‘gold-plated audit’

Link: Compliance with IFRS the UK’s biggest IT issue

Link: An alliance for compliance

IT Security
As technology becomes more and more sophisticated, so do the hackers and fradusters that take advantage of its foibles – with both consumers and businesses suffering.

Link: PcW – group test of corporate Anti-virus tools

Link: FSA urges firms to act over digital threats

Link: Staff the greatest threat to firms’ security

Link: Microsoft to axe Windows 2000 security upgrades

Microsoft and business software
Since Microsoft formed its Business Solutions arm with the purchases of Great Plains and Navision, the software giant has made its intents clear – domination of the financial software marketplace. And now it is set to release an accounting module as part of its ubiquitous Office software…

Link: Microsoft begins push for PeopleSoft’s clients

Link: Microsoft moves the business goalposts

Link: Microsoft launches small business accounting product

Link: Microsoft sharpens SME focus

Finally, the battle for control of PeopleSoft has ended – Oracle is its new owner. But what does this all mean for finance directors? Should they stick with these companies or look for products from SAP or MBS?

Link: SAP comes out fighting in ‘unprecedented’ move

Link: Oracle outlines PeopleSoft integration plan

UK businesses must switch to the new internet-based BACS system, BACSTEL-IP, which comes into force at the end of 2005. However a mad rush in the last few months will be no good, as the software providers accredited to make the switch will have too much work to do.

Link: BAPS takes on BACS

Link: BACS upgrade off to a slow start

Link: Alarm as BACS deadline advanced

Link: BACS just got even better

Link: Utilities urge switch to BACS


Link: The Revenue’s self-assessment micro site

Link: The Inland Revenue

Link: BASDA – Business Application Software Developers Association

Link: Accountancy Age news on your PDA

Link: Computing Directories’ list of IT suppliers

Link: Computing Software Directory – sample download

Link: Computing IT Services Direcotory – sample download

Link: Computing IT sites direcotory – sample download

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