Leader: Charity begins at home

I’M AMAZED at the charitable efforts entered into by the accounting profession. Whether it’s a slew of ‘JustGiving’ sponsorship invites via social media, or the press releases extolling the virtues of people in firms going above and beyond to raise funds, or volunteer, to help the needy.

But accountants aren’t immune from needing support themselves.

The latest figures from ICAEW-affiliated benevolent association CABA show three key indicators of accountants’ travails: the number requesting helped has jumped up; the increase is across all age ranges; and the help/advice/services required is broadening. Two dozen food parcels and energy bill payments were handed out to accountants and their families last year.

I’m not necessarily asking an already charitably-minded profession to give even more. But, perhaps you should think about staff, past and current, and their families. Do you and your firm provide them support outside of the day job? Firms certainly ask a lot of them during working hours.

So before you look outwards to provide help, perhaps look around you first.

Kevin Reed is editor of Accountancy Age

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