The Practitioner: Client grows – I worry

I ALWAYS SAY to people; clients and friends alike, that I’m very self-critical. I make it out to be a good thing, which I honestly think it is. Sometimes however I can go from being self-critical to downright paranoid.

Take my latest worry for example. A client of mine is growing. The owner is a born entrepreneur and will not let the business sit still for a moment. After a couple of years of holding his hand, he’s now gone and signed up for a merger with one of his largest competitors. While this could be a great thing for the client, my automatic paranoid thought is that we could lose the existing client work to the other firm’s accountant.

I shouldn’t think like this but I do. Maybe it’s just the stress of the January chaos that has made me ponder over this. We never lose clients so it’s not as though we’ve got a track record in that department. I’ll have to meet the owners of the other business and work my magic.

A new senior has started who we have high hopes for. I’ve been looking for the next ‘me’, if I’m honest. I need to hand down a lot of the work and spend more time out of the office visiting clients and prospects. I may even have to rejoin one of the dreaded breakfast meetings to keep the new business coming in. Perhaps the newbie could attend every other week in my place?

In interview I emphasised that the role is his to shape. That’s what got me into my first senior role and ultimately into partnership. If he’s the right person he will make the role his own, do over-and-above what’s needed, and be solution focused. All the interviewed candidates could have done the job, but it’s having that little bit of a spark that makes the difference.

Let’s hope the sparks are flying next week!

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