Leader: CIMA’s May can now move on

IT HAS BEEN a tortuous and winding road that ex-CIMA council member Margaret May has trodden.

For more than two years, May has fought against CIMA’s claims that she had acted without integrity and professionalism for disseminating documentation to other council members, and for misconduct for forwarding on an email from CIMA chief executive Charles Tilley.

Now, she has been exonerated by the High Court, with the disciplinary findings quashed.

As Accountancy Age has said throughout the process, there is little glory to be had from its outcome, either way. It has been costly, time-consuming and at times embarrassing for all concerned.

But while it is implied that May might have been aggressive in her approach in dealing with the various matters, she leaves with her honesty and dignity intact.

She will hope that she can now revitalise her career, with her head held high.

For CIMA, it must now lick its wounds, and count the financial and reputational cost that this sorry affair has caused.

Kevin Reed is editor of both Accountancy Age and Financial Director

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