Leader: Does UK business really want the EU?

AND SO UKIP’s Tim Congdon won Accountancy Age’s second Debate, overturning the proposal that leaving the EU would damage the UK economy.

What would a ‘free market’ really mean in terms of dealing with EU members, from the outside?

It’s clear from our voting that there are many who think that the many threats: such as having to set up new agreements; and being outside of the decision-making process, are outweighed by other considerations.

Are the structural issues and national interests that have long dogged the ideals of a European Union, issues of prescience, or a fait accompli?

In fairness to our losing proposer, Business for New Europe, they want Europe to work for us. As does UKIP.

The key difference is that the BNE sees that happening from within the current edifice; albeit ‘restructured’. UKIP thinks that things would be more simple and effective out of the mess.

What is clear is that Europhiles have a terrific job on their hands to convince many business leaders – and in turn the general public – that the EU is the place to be.

Kevin Reed is editor of both Accountancy Age and Financial Director

Click here to view the Accountancy Age Debate on UK/EU relations, which ran between 25 and 28 March

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