Headstart: E-business.

I’m in the office after an absence of nearly a week, having made yet another flying visit to Australia to meet with the board of our parent company. We discussed strategies for further increasing business in the UK, including the introduction of a number of new business streams. A long way to go for a meeting but it speeds up the decision-making process. However, in my absence disaster has struck, the office coffee machine has broken down and jet lag is kicking in.

After getting up at 6.15am I make a point of waking my two young children as this will be my only chance to see them today. After an hour on the phone to my Australian colleagues, I’m off for a round of back-to-back presentations to potential customers for our internet kiosks and related services. I get a good reception from Allders who seem keen to put some of our kiosks in their stores.

Met with our PR agency, Gresham, to discuss the best way to tell the world the good news about recent new business wins. They suggest a fact-finding tour to Australia to deepen their understanding of our business. I firmly ruled this out on the basis of cost. You have to watch these people.

A rare day entirely in the office. A chance to find out what my staff have been up to, apart from trying to get the coffee machine fixed. I also discuss new business opportunities with the sales team. Later the first of our new, radically re-designed kiosks arrives. Not only does it look as good as the drawings, when I switched it on it also worked perfectly first time. Outstanding. If only the coffee machine were so simple.

A day off, but no rest. I am moving back into my house after eight months of living with my in-laws. It seems hardly a day has passed without my having to argue with the architects or the builders as they supposedly make improvements to my property. Was it worth the aggro? I really hope so.
– Bryan Levine is the managing director of the Pienetworks plc.

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