Letters – Sad and confused.

I am like, I suppose, the large majority of ICAEW members who are confused and disturbed at the need and objectives for calling a special meeting.

The resolutions are in two parts. The first resolution demands ‘to note’ and second resolution instructs the council to desist from the implementation of the infrastructure plan and that they should, instead, carry out revised structure changes which are conceived by co-ordinators. The infrastructure plans offer local and regional representation and support for local staff.

They also offer effective communication channels between members themselves, Moorgate Place, regional agencies and central government. These are precisely the same key objectives aimed at by the co-ordinators. So why the special meeting? If a serious alternative to infrastructure plan is to be put forward, this will not be achieved by denying the shortcomings of present system or by ranting at the institute.

Surinder Kaul FCA, vice chairman – North West London Society of Chartered Accountants.

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