Letters – Step forward for societies.

As the immediate past president of the Sheffield & District Society I have considerable involvement in the plans for a regional structure to support the work of our society, and in the threatened egm to reverse these plans.

It is fair to say that when the plans were first presented in August last year I had reservations about their impact on the future of our society.

A number of members of this society shared those concerns and have signed the requisition calling for an egm.

My message to all our members has been clear: this structure has been developed in conjunction with our society and I am confident that it will enhance our ability to serve member needs in our district.

I would urge all those members of the ICAEW who may have signed the requisition to talk to their district society president to clarify the current situation.

I believe that, like me, they will be confident that the proposals represent a major step forward in the promotion of our profession around the country and in no way jeopardise the important position of the district societies.

Paul Besson, immediate past president.

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