Letters – Backing the new structure.

I am writing to dispute some of the varied claims by Don Heady and his co-signatories to the request for an egm (‘A very sad special meeting’, page 12, 31 May). First of all I think it entirely divisive to try and arrange an egm at this point.

The proposals have been in the pipeline for a considerable length of time and it seems to me it would have been possible to raise objections earlier, where considerably less expense would have been involved.

More importantly is the continued view, held by the objectors to the project, that the institute and district societies should operate as separate organisations, with little integration, no co-ordination, and in fact a large amount of fighting against the centre.

To try and uphold the ICAEW as a professional organisation, worthy of attention by ministers, and business people of the highest level, while not being able to communicate effectively across the district, region and centre of the institute seems to me wholly absurd. We cannot continue to operate as isolated local representatives, trying solely to serve members in our district, without considering the wider role chartered accountants have to play in governmental and economic activities.

The new structure will allow better communication, better provision of services for members and a higher profile for our profession. I fully support the new structure and would ask those requesting the egm think again and consider whether their efforts could instead be used to help the smooth implementation of the new structure.

Julia Penny, deputy president, Thames Valley Society of Chartered Accountants.

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