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Each week Accountancy Age asks an expert in the technology field to discuss industry issues. This week, Assetware Technology managing director Stephen Moriarty offers his views on a potential freeze on IT spend in Europe.

Have you seen any sign of a slowdown in IT spend?

From our experience, the year 2000 in general was pretty poor, but for us this last quarter has been our best ever. I don’t disagree with the suggestion of an IT spend freeze, but certainly not in the sector we are targeting.

Do you expect to see a slowdown in the near future?

So far this year already we have had fewer orders, but the ones we are receiving are of a substantially higher value than we would have expected. If the spend does creep down in the US, we do tend to follow their trend.

What ramifications are there for the accounting software market?

We don’t sense any negative feelings at the moment, but we firmly believe there will continue to be mergers and acquisitions in the sector. As a result costs will be cut as people vie for market share.

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