Letters – You cannot be serious.

Am I being naive? Or are most of us cynics? Is David Walker of The Guardian serious? Or his his article a roguish journalistic leg-pull?

I refer to his article about the report of the Office of Fair Trading accusing lawyers of monopolistic tendencies, sitting now in Patricia Hewitt’s in-tray.

He speculates on whether she will run with the report or let it languish undisturbed. Some of us might have thought that she would consider the merits of the report. Is it fair? Are there abuses to be remedied? Is the public interest prejudiced? Are there reforms to be undertaken?

But no. Mr Walker focuses on what is important to a politician. Should Patricia Hewitt distance herself from Number 11? Does she want to distinguish herself and her department? Above all, has she sufficient political ambition of her own? Has she, as he wrote, ‘a political game plan for herself’?

Maybe we accountants are too straightforward to be journalists or politicians!

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