Taking Stock – Tarzan was one of us!

To lunch at the Cafe Royale where the UK200 Group’s guest speaker was none other that outspoken europhile and thorn in the Tory leadership’s side Michael Heseltine.

Before banging the euro drum, Hezza reminisced about his time as a trainee accountant with the great Henry Peat – he was nearly ‘one of you’ he told the gathered throng. ‘I was certainly never “one of us”,’ he declared, referring to his ex-leader’s ambivalent attitude towards his leftish leanings.

TS was disappointed that Tarzan failed to mention his other great contribution to the accounting world – Haymarket, Hezza’s publishing empire, was the founder of Accountancy Age.

Cynics might say he has more than the Tory split on Europe to answer for.

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