Technology – Questions & Answers

Each week we ask experts about new developments in the technology field. This week Albany Software managing director Adrian Stafford-Jones gives an insight into the effect the slowing US economy is having on software vendors in the UK

Q Is the US recession impacting on Albany?
A Fortunately not, we have recently announced strong first-quarter results, despite the perceived slowdown in the UK economy. Our business growth has increased by 20% in the first quarter in 2001.

Q What is the IT industry view in the UK?
A There is a great deal of pessimism from software vendors and resellers about the current state of the IT industry, as the after-effects of the US recession begin to impact UK businesses.

Q What should vendors do to minimise the negative impact?
A It is important to have reliable products and expert staff. The ability to offer customers a fast return on investment, rapid implementation and broad functionality is also essential. As customers struggle against ever-decreasing budgets to achieve faster implementations within a competitive environment, we must ensure we offer the best solutions.

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