TakingStock – Landslide victory!

This month’s ICAEW council meeting was full of surprises. Both the new president Michael Groom and deputy president Peter Wyman were voted in by a landslide!

Must have taken a lesson from Labour. However, the institute’s advanced diploma received a battering by council members who recommended it was dropped due to lack of take up.

And when council was asked whether it would vote for the institute’s district societies restructuring plans at July’s egm, there was a noticeable lack of hand raising on the part of Baroness Noakes and a few other dissenters.

When the executive promptly decided to rephrase the question to ‘Who will vote against Don Heady’s motion at the egm?’ the Baroness’ hand suddenly went up. TS is sure abstention fears could lead to a win for Heady.

Perhaps institute minds should focus on clearly phrased questions for the imminent egm vote.

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