The corridors of power…

It happened to me recently when I picked up the Financial Times to
see a very youthful Donald Trump Jr grinning back at me.

I thought the world was only big enough for one Trump. But ‘The Donald’, as
Dad is known, seems relaxed about the whole setup. ‘Don is a bit more
contemplative but I find we are very similar in a business sense,’ he told one
interviewer. ‘Don is more of an outdoorsman. He enjoys hiking and fishing more
than I do.’

Trump Jr is in good company. We’ve all become accustomed to seeing James
Murdoch’s face on the business pages. The former hippy of the family has matured
into Mr Corporate, which must give some comfort to Rupe.

Less obviously, Butch Kerzner, son of Sol Kerzner the gaming magnate, has
taken the lead role at the ‘family firm’, One&Only Resorts.

Yet for every son who follows his father into business (or accountancy for
that matter), there are dozens who seek a different course. Who can blame them?
A parent who is away on business all the time or permanently working late at the
office is hardly an advertisement for corporate life.

That aside, imagine how hard it must be living permanently in your father’s
shadow. Donald Trump Jr might cut a relaxed figure in interviews, but who’s to
say what really goes on between father and son? What was really behind Lachlan
Murdoch’s decision to call it quits? How did Kevin and Ian Maxwell relate to the
tyrannical Robert?

It will be interesting to see if Trump Jr stays the course. My money says he

Jon Ashworth is a freelance journalist and writer

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