TakingStock – Pop tunes: ‘how can we help you … baaaaabeeeey?’

As new BBC chairman Gavyn Davies promises to stop dumbing down by putting an end to makeover TV, it seems the Inland Revenue is hurtling in the opposite direction. On phoning the Orwellian-sounding Public Department 2 Tax District last week, one TS reader was not surprised to find himself put on hold.

Expecting the usual Vivaldi or Bach as background music, he was surprised to hear instead top pop smash Dancing in the Moonlight. Though a tax type took his call before the end of the Toploader tune, it prompted our reader to muse on what might be next. ‘Perhaps queries on emissions-based car benefits could have The Hollies’ The Air that I Breathe,’ he suggests.

It’s enough to make one write a stiff letter to the Telegraph.

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