Letters – No stone unturned.

The action being taken around Europe and in the USA to put the skids under money laundering is highly commendable and is apparently already producing results. However, I have read nothing about trying to bring the Swiss in on this.

For decades and no doubt long before I was born (which is longer ago than I would like!), Switzerland has been a safe haven for profits of extortion, drug money, Nazi wartime money, thefts by dictators and heads of state, tax evasion and goodness knows what else. The list must be extensive and were it not for the bankers sitting in Switzerland, the world could well be a better place. The unclaimed money must be a colossal mountain on its own.

What a shame the bankers may have to dip in their pockets to bail out Swissair. Let’s think of it as a sort of worldwide tax rebate. Seriously, can anyone comment on whether the Swiss are going to help the rest of the world by dealing with money laundering?

I think pigs will fly first!

Lawrence Phillips, Barnet.

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