Letters – Paying attention: the secret of good research and development is to listem to your customers

I agree with Dennis Keeling when he says that lack of investment in R&D was to blame for the downturn in accounting software vendors’ fortunes (Software firms stop research, page 9, 20 September). I would also be quick to add that there has been a serious lack of imagination too.

We’re in an era where there’s more technical innovation than ever, and since finance is no longer resigned to the back-office, functions which may once have been too ‘wayward’, should now be freely used.

Surely, it’s not difficult to decide which exciting technologies to incorporate into an accounting package?

Come on, if customers are still willing to invest money, then it’s not hard to see where the imbalance is coming from. But then again, maybe the majority of vendors aren’t listening hard enough to their customers and partners.

Eduardo Loigorri, Exchequer Software.

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