Who are the real dopes?

(Re: TS: The dope on finance directors, The Big Question: FDs admit to cannabis)

Of course such a figure would be hard to calculate since the number of cannabis users in the UK is unknown. Your discovery that one in three UK financedirectors have tried cannabis must surely increase the governmentsestimate considerably from one and a half million users.

After legalisation, of course, many more people in maybe more sensitivepositions, such as teachers, carers, hospital workers, police etc, may thenadmit to using cannabis too, maybe giving the false impression thatcannabis use had increased dramatically.

But even more than the amount that could be reasonably raised throughproduct taxation without risking a residual illegal market, is the amountof revenue that could be saved.

The government spends close to 5 billion pounds a year “fighting drugs’.The result is that about 80 per cent of those prosecuted are for cannabispossession only. The police may say that they concentrate on hard drugsuppliers, but the figures speak for themselves.

There is no doubt now in many people’s minds, that the prohibition ofcannabis is a crime against Human Rights and a social and ecologicaldisaster. It is also an economical disaster, for we spend billions ofpounds a year fighting the very people whom we simultaneously fund byleaving them in control of the only supplied of what is so obviously acommercially-viable product.

Alun Buffry
Legalise Cannabis Alliance

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