Recruit for evolution

Your organisation needs to select candidates with the competencies to cope
with today and tomorrow, but how do you do this?

Today’s working environments are fast-paced and ambiguous. Employees who
demonstrate a number of key personal skills are more likely to cope with the
increased pressure and demands.

Acceptance of change and the ability to adapt are essential if your firm is
to remain ahead of the competition. Increasingly, your employees need to possess
a far more open-minded approach to their roles and a greater ability to acquire
new behaviours and skills.

The ability for individuals to self-manage and take responsibility for their
role and personal development is essential as more and more people are required
to work remotely or from home. At the same time, the flattening of business
structures requires individuals to be more team-orientated and able to
communicate and develop relationships.

Recruitment is expensive. Structuring your selection process will help ensure
you recruit the right individuals. Consider too the position you are recruiting
for and define the skills required. Produce a list of behaviours necessary to
meet those requirements.

Consider the personal values and attitudes that drive the behaviours you have
identified. While accountancy skills can be developed, an individual’s attitudes
are far harder to change. In doing so you will obtain a far broader
understanding of the applicant.

A face-to-face interview alone will not provide a reliable prediction of
performance in the future. Assessment centres will enable you to observe
candidates closely, to establish whether they demonstrate the appropriate
personal skills and behaviours the position requires.

Your workforce is your most valuable asset. Accountancy skills and experience
are highly valuable, but for your firm to survive, your employees need to
possess skills that allow them to adapt and be resilient. If you take this into
consideration your firm and your people will be able to prosper and succeed,
whatever the future brings.

Simon Turner is director of Upturn Associates

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