Phone rage is on the increase and it’s hardly surprising

It’s much cheaper to send a letter than to ask for a number from directory enquiries.

If you can trace one of the new numbers – which are constantly being changed – you get a disembodied voice asking you to press one of several numbers.

Last week I wanted to ask a customer service department why they had not sent me the free extra I was suppose to receive with my order.

After a five minute wait – and yes, it was a 0870 number – the dreadful music was stopped and a female told me that I needed the technical service department. She kindly transferred me back to the music.

After a further 10 minutes – with a voice reading out adverts, a suggestion I should email, and warnings that tech service had a queue – the ordeal was ended.

The tech department asked why I was phoning them and he told me I needed customer services.

However, the guy agreed to spare me any more suffering and he got my problem sorted.

I pointed out to him that I had already sent an email but, after 24 hours, had no response.

He told me it took 48 hours for them to read all their emails!

So why email when we can just pick up the phone? You have to be joking.

John Bradley, Allendale

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