Re: publishing audited annual results

To compare a call for accountability of a business by demonstration of fiscal performance to the preparedness of an individual to show one’s personal bank details is a pointlessly provocative response against which one can only hope is not representative of practice in general. (Publishing audited annual results)

Perhaps he is forgetting that his clients are his customers, who often feel that it is not unreasonable to select any service on the basis of quality, price and viability of the supplier. To measure the first criteria is easier but often second and third require financial statements to enable a full picture.

These days professional bodies often demonstrate that they are mere collections fallible (but qualified) individuals. Whether these be doctors proved of malpractice hiding behind professional status, architects or engineers letting the public loose on wobbling breeze-effected structures or large accountancy firms just getting it wrong, we must not be afraid of public accountability.

Graham Stewart

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