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What is your biggest fear? Physical deterioration. Which company do you most admire? Morgan Stanley (US). A highly polished and professional company. What is your greatest professional achievement? Achieving partnership in Price Waterhouse. What is your greatest professional regret? Not making more of it. Which phrase or saying do you overuse? ‘That’s an interesting idea’. What was your last cultural experience? A Friends of Covent Garden event. What is the next ‘hot issue’ in consultancy? E-business, with its impact on traditional markets, participants, products and customer servicing. Which organisation would you like to turn around? British Airways. Although it has lost touch with itself and its British travellers (business and private) by foolishly ditching its core identity, there is still an opportunity to redress the situation. Which two words turn your stomach? ‘Devil’s advocate’. What would you like to be doing in ten years time? Writing and consulting. ?:

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