TakingStock – Between the covers.

Sweet Talking Money is a fantastic little book, and as a writer once said, full of words ‘apparently all thrown together at random’.

That be a little harsh because this is a first outing for Harry Bingham, eldest son of dusty old judge Lord chief justice Bingham. And why was it send to TS? Well first of all its all about money, and isn’t accountancy all about filthy lucre, so you, our readers, must have an interest. Secondly, it features ‘a battle hardened banker’. Salivating yet?

Here’s a taster. ‘Money. It’s famous for making the world go around. It’s equally famous for being unable to buy you love.’

A thought that must have crossed the mind of many a sad accountant. It’s from HarperCollins, costs just over a fiver and we dare you to read it.

Though don’t be seen with it. ?:

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