Post out of order

Such a volte-face would have been a major embarrassment to many companies but Consignia is on a particularly bad run of PR form at the moment.

The company is in the process of shedding 17,000 jobs as part of efforts to save £1bn and having rebranded itself as Consignia only a year ago was forced to announce a return in May to the moniker ‘the Royal Mail Group’ after the new name failed to catch on.

Last week’s climbdown was only partial, however. The £14 weekly charge in the pilot areas is likely to now be between £5 and £10.

But advice is at hand for the SMEs that would bear the brunt of the charges.’s useful tips includes the proposal that employers should encourage employees to have their personal mail sent to work, helping to push SMEs above the 20-letter barrier.

Failing that you should actually ‘encourage junk mail by informing AOL, Freeserve and your local pizza shop that you’re eminently fascinated in their products’, the site recommends.

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